Monday, September 15, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11, Boko Haram..How Did We Get Here?

I can still recall where I was that fateful day, the day that gave terrorism a date...September 11, 2001. I was on vacation at my aunty's house in Festac, Lagos when we heard the news. It was terrifying! But then it was also distant, far away America, made it almost seem like it was a movie. Well, it was not!
That somehow defined terrorism for the World, ....some 12/13 odd years later it has also become a Nigerian reality with  Boko Haram.
The difference between both acts of terrorism is that in the US, it was and always is another nation terrorizing them, but in Nigeria it is 'We' on 'Us'
Which begs the question, how did we get here?
We might be from diverse tribes and religion, but how does that justify the killing, kidnappings and hoisting of strange flags.
As we remember those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack, let us also remember those who have lost their lives to acts of terrorism here in Nigeria, the Chibok girls , and everyone who has lost someone in this fight against terrorism.
We pray this comes to an end soon, as there always is more to terrorism than the average man is aware of, but since we have no proof...lets just shut up and pray.

Loneliness, Depression...How Do We Keep Afloat?

I had a chat with someone very dear to me, and it reminded me why I loved writing as a kid. It was my outlet. I have never been a moody person, maybe very conservative about certain ideologies, but never one to crawl under the rug and be bullied or intimidated. Still,as a kid I needed an outlet, and writing was it for too.
I have had to be around some depressed people and some lonely people too, and it is overwhelming how lonely one can sometimes be even in a crowded place .
Loneliness is a thing of the mind, psychological/mental not physical.
I think of people like Robin Williams, successful actor, loving father, great friend...these were people's testimonies after his demise. Makes you wonder if he knew how much he meant to these people, and how alone he must have felt inside, how hopeless he must have felt about whatever he was dealing with to have taken such drastic measures.
I do not think suicide is the right way to go, as a Christian I would not support it, but as a Christian I would also not judge anyone.
Depression has a way of eating so deep into people that it messes their chances of being happy or productive, which brings me to the question 'HOW DO WE KEEP AFLOAT?' 

People handle these situations in different ways, some take the religious route and ask God for guidance and help, others take the medical route. I would say the first or a combination of both.
However, whatever your decision might be, you should consider the under listed tips:

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014, Already an Amazing Year

Happy New Year! 
It always is an exciting feeling for me at the beginning of the year, like I have been given an opportunity to start all over.Letting go old hurts, worries and cares...while letting in new opportunities, endless possibilities and a renewed zest for life. Or maybe I just like new things.
Hope the year 2013 did not leave you sad and bitter? Never mind if it did, doesn't matter how it ended, just don't let that sinking feeling start the new year for you. Being alive means you get to have a 'do-over' on almost anything.
I hope your year goes great, mine will..I get to have three spanking new certificates (great achievement in life), super excited and grateful to God for My Friends, Family, 'Hazel Eyez' and everything in between.
Looking forward to an Amazing 2014! Lets Do This! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Paul Walker, Another One Bites the Dust


Yesterday morning, I noticed on twitter that a lot of people had several messages as regards actor, best known for his role in the very successful movie franchise'Fast and Furious'.
Isn't it amazing how a make believe character can become so real to us that we actually feel like we know the real person behind the scene.
To some he was the fair hired hottie with a fast car, to some he wasa co-actor, to some a friend, and to his teenage daughter he was just 'daddy'
I never really knew or read much about him, was not even such a huge fan, but I was touched that one so young died in such a ghastly way, morbid as it may sound, he kinda died the way we knew a fast car.
RIP Paul Walker, you are being mourned by the world, which means you must have done something right, something worth making friends like Tyrese weep, strangers in far away Nigeria putting up your photos on their Displays and wishing you eternal rest.
At the end of the day, we all pray and hope we have contributed enough to the world to have made a mark, and when we leave this world enough to ensure us a better place for all eternity.

'Baptism' A poem by Obehi Aigiomawu

Raised arms woman
Come tomorrow, I will die.
Shadow in comparison to real form,
Immersed in water, will my eyes be open
In search of a sign in the sky?
Or will they betray this fantasy and be shut like
an actor in the clutches of a scene?
Will I taste the water, or will some go down my nostrils?
Will this fake death have me prisoner for a few seconds, and will calm flee and flesh seek
Premature resurrection?
Perhaps I’ll find the water warm and welcoming
Or perharps cold and indifferent
To a sinner like many others
In need of a second chance.
Willing participant of this simple yet complex act. Unfazed by its publicty
Or skilled at hiding it well.
Will there be a mischievous stone at the riverbank?
That would cause me to stumble
And temporarily wish to make the river my grave?
Or will my short walk be smooth like a river creature returning home?
In those seconds immersed in flowing water, will I feel the transition to this new life?
Will the sky be clear or randomly dotted by birds?
Oh, for a sign to make a good story!
Pulled out from water,
Will I greedily gasp for air?
Or feign calm, like oxygen I hadn’t missed.   Will I shiver beneath dark clouds?
Or bask in the warmth of the glorious sun?
Will I stand in wait for the others?
Or be permitted to put on warm clothing—
First domestic act of this new life?
And afterwards?
How changed will I be?
Set in default?
Will new mistakes replace old ones?
Will I ask these many question then or will I just know?
Water drops from the kitchen tap—
My only companion in this web of boredom,
I take it as the tick,tick,tick, of my faulty clock,
Countdown to tomorrow,
Host to my death and resurrection.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Terms of Endearment from Strangers, Cheesy or Not?

Okay, I am not in a rant and rave mood right now, but sincerely Ladies, am I the only one who finds it very cheesy, and too forward when a guy I do not know refers to me as baby, sexy, pumpkin, sweetheart, honey etc? Like seriously, you are trying to ask me out ,or hit on me and you think such  starters would cut it?
I thought such endearments where reserved for those we know and care about, not total strangers?
It is becoming the norm for some guys, to think baby or angel is sweet to call a stranger, I don't! But then again, some ladies might like it, and it probably works for the guys too.
Seriously ladies, do you think it is cool, or am I the crazy one who thinks only people you know should have pet names for us?



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