Friday, July 3, 2015

Can You Keep Our Secrets?

Obehi is a writer, aspiring artist...her current obsession; photography and greener pastures. Oh, and when she's not 'scribbling and doodling' she actually is a student.
'Can you keep our Secrets ?' is her first published work with contributions from her older sister.

Naija Mosquitoes

Miniature vampires
Triumphant in daylight
Precise at nightfall
Humming its famous solemn tune
Taunting my ears
Impregnating my skin
Ethereal laughter pierces the silence,
As they watch me pull my wrapper
They feast within this tent
My efforts. Futile.
A bulge on my eyelids
A bulge on my lip
Sleep stares pityingly from a corner
Frustration brews within
They have eaten to their fill
Lazily they hug the wall
I become the predator
They, the prey
I shall show as much
Mercy as I have been shown.

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Travel and Exotic Food: Would You Eat These?

 Image result for bizarre foods

Travelling is admittedly one of my guilty pleasures. I yearn for the time I can afford to fly around the world first class, go on cruises and just enjoy the freedom and beauty of divers people and places.
As much as I enjoy traveling and soaking up all that culture, I am not adventurous with exotic foods from these various places.
I watched  Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and I almost set my Laptop ablaze for such defilement. 
Entertaining to watch, but most of those meals are just gross!
Which is why when I travel, I love staying in apartment styled Hotels, so I can cook my own food when I get frustrated or bored with the local or continental.
I can barely stand onions visibly present in my food, and someone tries to convince me that some nicely spice Larvae/Maggots/Worms and Crickets are all delicious and valid source of protein!
What happened to Egg, Milk, Fish and Beef?
Image result for bizarre foods
Half Hatched Chicken egg, Philipino Delicacy

I know some of you will not cringe at the sight of these crazy meals pictured below, but pray tell, how far would you go for that exotic meal. 
Don't be shy, I might detest it, but as long as it is not illegal to each his taste. Have fun on your next trip and do let us know what your weirdest meal has been.

Image result for bizarre foods 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Electricity Tariff cut by 50%..Someone Give NERC a Cookie and a Glass of Milk!

That was what I felt like saying when the I heard about the cut.

'Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate review of electricity tariffs by about 50 per cent' 

I am  usually not a killjoy, I used to be (would like to think I still am) an incurable optimist. However the Nigerian Government is fast turning me into a bitter citizen, but I will not give them that power.
We have been promised improved power for years now, and each time it is promised, it gets worse, can they all TALK LESS and ACT MORE!
How difficult is power generation, really!
It is not like it is a nouvel technology, it already exists and we still cannot make it work?
At 100% tariff I have not had power in two months, I live in Ikate Elegushi (Lekki), at 50% am I supposed to be ecstatic that it will improve? Forgive me if I do not share the enthusiasm of many.
Power in my opinion is too basic for us not to be incapable of managing, it is not rocket science!
I have been spending ridiculous amounts on fuel for my generator, I have had power restored for few hours in two months and each time I regretted it as it is either too high or too low.
A busted Decoder, several blown up electric bulbs, crashed Air conditioner, laptop,iPad and phone chargers later I am as angry as can be.
Why does Nigeria as a country make my heart heavy?
Why can't I have more reasons like Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka to restore my faith in this country.
I try so hard not to complain, but this nation leaves me no choice.

Friday, February 6, 2015

How about an Unconventional Hotel on Your Next Holiday

I was talking to a friend of mine about hotels, and how weird some can be, thanks to google I found this article by Franziska Gutsche on and I just thought wow! she nailed it! So, this is me being lazy and sharing it exactly like she did.
As far as I’m concerned, hotels ought to ideally fulfill two main conditions: a bed and a roof. Maybe the price ought to be factored in as well. Until not too long ago, I thought that I would rather spend money on exploring the places I traveled in, than on the bed I slept in at night. A hotel, to me, was merely a place to regain my energies for the following day of plans, travels and astonishments.
What changed my mind, was coming across some rather incredible hotels. The astounding capsule hotels in Japan, for example, the prison hotel in Germany or anice hotel in Canada. But my personal top 6 are the ones listed here below (side note for anyone wondering why it’s not a top 5, I simply could not decide)

1) The Igloo village, Finland

igloo village visitfinland Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphotograph by Visit Finland
Perfect for everyone who always wanted to have an undisturbed view at night without any city lights to observe the universe in its most original version. If you are lucky, you might even see some of the awe-inspiring northern lights.
2) The Sand HOTEL IN Dorset, England.
sand castle England  Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphoto via thepirata

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bora Bora! A Place to Fall/Stay in Love

I love Islands! I think they are the true definition of what vacations should be... Sea, Sun, Food, Drinks, Love and everything in between.

Bora Bora became my vacation obsession, (take note Hazel Eyez) after I saw it in a movie. I forgot the movie...but I never forgot the location.

I think it is one of those places you go with someone you are in love with, not a family vacation styled place, more like a getaway for lovebirds.
On a lighter note, if you are trying to make someone fall in love with you, take them to Bora bora, I can almost guarantee they would be in love with you at the end of the vacation. lol

Feast your Eyes People!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amazing Vacancies in Sicily. Places you must see- Hanna Johnson

Hello Guys, I know I have been bad and not writing much, between a busy job and an infant, there is barely enough time to breathe!
I got this article with the lovely photos from a contributor to Dianahsplace , and I had mentioned in a previous post that I intend to do more on travel and travel destination, so this is our first for the year, thanks to Hanna Johnson. Sicily just became one of my hotspots! Such rich historical and cultural sights!
Sorry I am only just posting this Hanna, it got lost in my numerous mails.
Sorry to other contributors, We only do travel hotspots henceforth unless the gist is strictly mine. Lol
This is an unedited, strictly posted as it was sent in. Enjoy!

The stunning Italian island of Sicily is fast becoming one of the most popular ports-of-call in the whole of the Mediterranean. This beautiful holiday destination is home to endless unforgettable attractions that are sure to leave you spoilt for choice during your visit. If you are currently planning your trip, you will be able to book a fabulous Sicily beach holiday through one of the many online booking platforms. With this in mind, here is my guide to some of the top sites to see and explore in Sicily.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015, Looking Good Already

Happy New Year! I know this is coming rather late, I wish I could tell you guys what I have been up to, But I guess like everyone else you will all have to wait and see my big surprise.
I have got some ideas that I think I should let marinade properly before sharing.
But I wish you all a great year 2015, I pray all your good heart desires come true, I pray you Love More, Give More, Share More and make each day count for good.