Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015, Looking Good Already

Happy New Year! I know this is coming rather late, I wish I could tell you guys what I have been up to, But I guess like everyone else you will all have to wait and see my big surprise.
I have got some ideas that I think I should let marinade properly before sharing.
But I wish you all a great year 2015, I pray all your good heart desires come true, I pray you Love More, Give More, Share More and make each day count for good.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lets Help Find Raphael and Michael

I got this message on my blackberry a few minutes ago, and I believe God has used social media in saving lives so many times, and social media is only effective when we throw the information in the winds.
Below is the message I got, as a human being I am so angry at the maid, and as a mother It breaks my heart:

ALERT!!!My friend's Nephews (Rafael and Michael) have been missing since yesterday. They reside in Isheri Magodo Estate. Their parents left them at home briefly with the house help, grandmum and nurse. The maid ran away with the children when the grandmum and nurse went to bed and when the parents returned home the children and maid were gone. All efforts to reach her by mobile has proved abortive. Please call (darlington) on 08037071370 if u have a any information on them.

I pray these children are safely brought home in Jesus name. (Amen)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When it Takes 3hrs to Deliver, it is NO LONGER Fast Food!

When you order fast food, like the name implies, it means you want it fast!
I rarely go out for lunch, so most times I order in and just eat in the office kitchenette/lunch room.
How do you explain ordering lunch from one of these 'chicken ' eateries, less than two streets away, you have so much to do, and you are unable to drive out for lunch , so you decide to order instead. Three hours later, you are still waiting! Of course the shameless fast food (more like crawling food) will insist on collecting their delivery charge!
In certain places you would get free delivery or even free meals when the eatery fails to keep to its promise of on time delivery. This crappy service just goes on and we just sit down and take it.
These eateries are usually no better than iya basira who cooks her meal beside the gutter! At least her customers know what to expect and she does not promise you delivery, free or otherwise!
My lunch break is over, and I am yet to get my order, instead I have been staring at my computer, typing this piece angrily, while sipping a cup of tea, hoping that can help tide the hunger pangs till I make alternative arrangements.

The Love Story of a Unilag Babe and Bus Conductor- Roy Ofili

“Oshod! Oshod!” He shouted angrily as I along with some other passengers scuttled for seats. There was this beautiful young lady who couldn’t throw caution and decorum to the wind but waited patiently until the bus was almost filled. Then she pleaded to sit by the agbero until somebody came down then she would pay for a proper seat.Something interesting happened on my way to Oshodi this morning. At the park this rough mean-looking conductor also known as “agbero” in Yoruba was screaming for passengers, his vernacular oscillating between Yoruba and pidgin English.
The agbero didn’t even look at her pretty face, he hissed and shouted to the driver to move that why didn’t she rush when others were rushing. The girl started pleading in Yoruba and clean ‘oyinbo’ english; “please, ej√≥, help me out sir, I know you are a good man, never mind all this shout you have been shouting (people burst into laughter). Let me sit by your side please”.
Finally with much squeezing of face the agbero relented and she sat beside him. It was a tight squeeze but she didn’t complain but rather started praising the agbero. He in turn started teasing her, speaking (and sometimes spitting by mistake) into her face but the girl never looked away, she never let the smile leave her face. He asked her where she worked and she replied that she was a student in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) studying accounting. He teased her in Yoruba about her boyfriend and car (maybe asking why her boyfriend didn’t drop her at her destination…she laughed it off and continued to gist with the guy in Yoruba.
When she reached her junction the agbero alighted the bus for her to come down. She did and paid her transport fare, then the agbero told her to give him a peck on the cheek for being so ‘gentlemanly’.  At this point some of us became indignant, haba! read full story here Storried.com

Monday, December 1, 2014

Event Planning @ DeeDee Cakes & Decor

A fab December to you All!
Are you planning an event this season and wondering how to go about it with your busy schedule? Why not call us and watch professionals take the stress off you.
We have been working on our image and brand lately, so more people can see and appreciate what we do at DeeDee Cakes & Decor.
We love to plan events, but most importantly we love to tailor our plans to suit your taste, colours, theme and importantly your pocket!
We plan events completely. By this we mean, we cater, organise and turn those fabulous ideas you have for your event into a beautiful reality.
Our Photo gallery is so rich, you can chose from existing themes, or send us pictures of what you want and we bring it to life.

Contact us now!

DeeDee Cakes & Decor
Omonoh Akpasubi
Tel: 08030604930
Email: debbyabk@yahoo.com
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More photos after the cut:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obudu, Where the Clouds Kiss the Mountain

I have a few places in Nigeria that are on my list of go to places, and Obudu is certainly top on that list.
Obudu, where the clouds kiss the mountains.
Last year, I made a trip to Calabar, stayed at Tinapa and toyed with the idea of going to Obudu, but decided to save it for when I can plan it properly...I hear it is a long drive.
But feed your eyes on the breath taking sights of this beautiful gift from mother nature and tell me why anyone who knows the meaning tranquility would hesitate to make this trip.

For the unborn Child

Alien embraced by warmth
Kicking against the walls of its Universe
Eyes shut in the dark
Proof of the unprepared
9 months will host this blindness

Devoid courtesy it nourishes itself
Unconventional being
Eavesdropping on our world

As it forms to become one of us.

                                -Fetus,by Obehi Aigiomawu