Monday, 31 August 2015

How To Answer 'What's Your Greatest Weakness?' by Liz Ryan

 I found this article on LinkedIn,  and since its a monday morning and I am too busy to write I decided to share the work of my new favourite linkedin writer, Liz Ryan. It made a good and insightful read. I hope you see it too.

Not everyone in the world believes that people walk around with weaknesses, but a lot of Americans sure do! I have talked with CEOs and other executives who insist that we are all flawed and that big chunks of our time and energy should go to correcting our defects.

Personally I think that’s a twisted view. Does Mother  Nature make mistakes? Not as far as I can see!
I think we come down to this planet perfectly equipped to do our work here. Why fix what isn’t broken? People don’t have weaknesses – they only have talents to develop, and new interests to explore!
Take me — I’m meant to be writing, singing, drawing and speaking to groups. I should be doing those things, and coaching and consulting and dreaming up courses and books and coloring books.
I shouldn’t be creating Excel spreadsheets or working on cars. Does that mean I have weaknesses? Are my weaknesses equivalent to all the things I don’t know how to do and don’t care about? That’s going to be a long list! There are millions of things I don’t know how to do and couldn’t care less about.
Why are they my weaknesses? What do those things have to do with me?
The interview question “What’s your greatest weakness?” has been around forever and has not gotten any less offensive over time. It’s none of anyone’s business what your imaginary weaknesses are, and the question has no place in a business conversation — which is what a job interview is.

Here’s how you can answer this brainless and insulting question without feeling like you rolled over and played dead the next day:


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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Something to Make you Laff this fine Sunday Morning

‎This is hilarious! My younger brother, Ose just slays us with these crazy photos. Lol
With due respect to Google map though,
Follow the directions and still use common sense! What if there was a bridge and it collapsed? Will you blame Google map for fall into a river?

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Before and After- If You are a Parent, These (Photos)...

If you have kids then you will totally understand the joys and frustrations of these photos. How much you LIFE and LIFESTYLE changes because of the little ones. Hardly anytime with the girls/boys, your date night never happens or when it does you have to interrupt to talk to Nannies/babysitters, your conversations are all baby talk, and now you know all the cartoons on TV, you remember to set the alarm for 'Sofia the first' on Disney Junior! (Guilty as charged) Good bye Rom Com and Crime series.
 Kids are adorable but the work! no be here o!


You Wanna Be Starting Something

I read somewhere recently that  “you will never know if you can walk on water till you step out of the boat”. I find that quote inspiring , and this picture below, which I saw on two friends DP this morning got me thinking about how things always seem so difficult or even  outright impossible when we are looking at it from a certain perspective.

Growing up I was one of those perfect grade kids, I did pretty well at school if I dare say so myself. No! I am not talking like most parents who lie about being tops in class just to encourage their kids to do well at school ( I have my results from kindergarten till Uni as evidence to show my kids!) Despite being a good student,I was always nervous about new subjects and classes.With each  move from one class or grade to the next, I would wonder if I was ever going to understand the new stuff we would have to learn. However, once we settled in, it just became a walk in the park. 
I know my childhood fear of little uncertainties is nothing compared to the stark reality we have to deal with each day, but it does kinda explain how the unknown always unnerves us no matter how little or insignificant it may seem to others. What we have to realize is that you will never know unless you try, you will not know success if you do not take a plunge, try something new, or do something old in a new way.
"You Wanna Be Starting Something"- Michael Jackson

Thursday, 27 August 2015

See the first beneficiaries of Linda Ikeji's 'I'd Rather Be SelfMade' project

 Honour should be given to those who deserve it. Well done, Linda Ikeji. Awesome way to give back to society.

Blog: Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog
Post: See the first beneficiaries of my 'I'd Rather Be SelfMade' project. Over N5million given away

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


CHUKWUDI AJAKA- 08182773395/08056269824

This is Some Serious 'Packaging'

I guess branding is mainly about how people perceive you based on how you present a product. If a gourmet chef were to try and make this meal sound 'uppity', this is certainly how they would present it.
This long story just turned you #500 plate of food to #5,000. lol

New Day, Endless Possibilities

I had one of those weekends that was quite relaxing, I had two days to myself, just ate, watched TV and lied to my friends that I was going to be busy, so no one would come over (sorry guys!) I had a movie date that cancelled, and normally I would have been upset, but I didn’t even care, it seemed like a welcome relief! First I told myself I just wanted to rest, but the truth was I wanted to have some time to feel sorry for myself!
It sounds awful right? Lying to my friends and not hanging out with them or allowing them come over, just so I could spend time with myself, and pretend to do some sober reflection when in actuality I was at home feeling sorry for myself, fussing about the things I hadn’t achieved instead of just enjoying life and be grateful to God for the things I have achieved. Really pathetic, but before you go screaming at me, take a deep breath and look at yourself, and tell me you have never indulged in self pity. Personally, I hate it when people feel sorry for me for any reason, I cry real easy, so one look of pity or some uncomfortable question and I just let the water works  take over. Knowing that about myself,   I try to stay calm and cool as ice and act like I can handle anything.
I remember the first time I had a glimpse of what depression could belike, it was not my personal experience, but a character in a novel I read as a teenager,WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.(Not really sure who wrote it). It was a story of betrayal and I tried to see things from the perspective of the betrayed, alcoholic woman Katie, and even then as a kid I understood what Depression and Loneliness meant, so I wrote this poem for her:

Monday, 24 August 2015

ADULTERY 101: The Ashley Maddison Lesson

I have been staying away from this story as it will be rather difficult for me to write about it without any bias. But I read about the FBI report on two suicide cases related to the hacking of the Ashley Madison website and I was moved to write.
For those who have not heard about this story, Google is your friend.
It is so sad to know that people have died because the hackers have taken it upon themselves to do what they think is right. They want cheating spouses exposed.
Truth is people will cheat with or without Ashley Madison. It is the sad truth. And by playing God, their supposed 'good deed' is causing a lot of pain to the innocent families. Disgraced spouses and parents, broken homes, a lot of chaos that they probably did not envisage.
It is very unfortunate that it has resulted to this and some good deeds are not necessarily your call to make.

Canadian police are investigating two unconfirmed reports of suicides related to the Ashley Madison adultery dating site cyber attack.
The news was announced by officers at a media briefing in Toronto on Monday.
The hacking has exposed millions of people around the world, including hundreds in Saudi Arabia where adultery is potentially punishable by death.
Officers confirmed the site's owner - Toronto-based Avid Life Media - is offering a C$500,000 ($379,132) reward to catch the hackers.
As well as at least two unconfirmed suicides, Toronto Police Acting Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans said the attack has also sparked a number of blackmail attempts.

There were no details on what countries the alleged deaths or extortion cases had taken place in.
The site was predominantly used by people looking to cheat on their partner.
Details of the site's 37 million members were obtained by hackers in July, who demanded the site be shut down.
Last week, with the site still online, they released the data on the so-called 'dark web'.
Among those exposed are civil servants, senior military officers and university professors.