Monday, 6 September 2010


Probably just a craving or maybe I just feel like I need a getaway, but that is the way I have been feeling recently. Just a strong urge, a deep desire to travel, see places and just experience those great sites I have always read about, but unfortunately at this point my pocket just seems to disagree. And no, it has nothing to do with economic recession, this, I guess is my personal recession.
I have always had certain places in mind I would love to visit, I would love to go to Venice and go around the city on a gondola, visit the Louvre in Paris, see Niagara falls in Canada, wear this lovely white beach gown I have been saving for my walk on an island in Greece, take pictures with le tour Eiffel in the background, the list is endless, so many places, so little cash. LOL
With the crave for adventure still playing in my head, I had to do a reality check at some point, not that the urge to travel is gone, NO WAY! Just that sometimes we lose touch with certain important things in our quest for much more and this was what got me thinking, a comment from the great Frank Sinatra, popularly called ol’ blue eyes.

The best place to be is where your friends are
-Frank Sinatra

I was watching The late show with David Letterman and his guest (can’t recall his name) talked about one of his last visits to the legendary Frank Sinatra when he became invalid, and how like me, he and all the other guests talked about places they would love to see and all their favourite spots in the world, and Frank being in a pretty bad shape at the time, being spoon fed by his nurse slowly said “the best place to be is where your friends are”
I didn’t grow up watching his movies or listening to his songs, (I am not that old!) but like all legends, you hear their names, and you get curious, and want to know a bit more about them, and from the comment he just made, I would say he was indeed a wise man.
I recall an official trip I made to Senegal in 2008, being a lover of the sea, I was elated when I found that the hotel booked was over looking the beach! That for me was pure heaven. I didn’t care if they had other facilities, they just became five star by my own ratings, courtesy their proximity to the beach. I spent close to a month, and I was for the first time in a place I did not know anyone. My Senegalese colleagues were nice, and the French language was not a barrier for me, but I spent money on call cards, spent all my free time sending mails and chatting online with friends. I missed my family and friends and all these new people, not even the beach could take away the nostalgia. Initially, I would take long walks on the beach, meet a couple of new people, mainly visitors too, and before I could get to know them a bit more, they would be gone. The novelty of my precious beach wore out, and it became a bit depressing walking at the beach and I stopped.
My point is, a good time is only as good as the company. What guarantees a good time is who you are spending it with. I have resolved that all trips I make will always be with someone, or at least I will be sure I have friends or loved ones where I am going, unless of course it is an official trip. As much as I have the desire to be up and about seeing the world, a the end of the day, l will have to agree with ol’ blue eyes, the best place to be, truly is where your friends are

"My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.....God is not so wary as we, else He would give us no friends, lest we forget Him."- Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No Grey Areas

I have known Fanen for a couple of years. He is one of those friends you keep in touch with so rarely that each time almost feels like you are just getting to know each other afresh. I was at home and we got chatting online, we both had so much to say about changing times and how excuses are made to justify things that are out rightly wrong as we grow older, and the line between good and evil seem to be fading gradually, (GOD FORBID!) a Blackberry broadcast triggered this conversation on morality and growing trends, this was the broadcast:

Miss Piggy shamelessly chased after Kermit in Muppet babies. Snow White lived with seven men. Pinocchio was a liar. Robin Hood a thief. Aladdin a pickpocket. Ariel traded her voice with a witch just so she could kiss some strange sailor. Maria of sound of music snatched another woman's fiancé. These are the stories our parents raised us with and yet they wonder where it all went wrong with our generation!

Maybe I am speaking for myself and a select few, but isn’t it alarming how as a kid life itself was basically black and white, there were no in betweens. We had a clear picture of what was good and what was evil, but now the line keeps getting blurry and people are beginning to lose their grasp on what is real and what is not. And people are bringing out the ‘crazy’ even from our nice and innocent memories like was done in the joke above (I thought it was quite witty BTW)
We knew cheating during exam was (and still is) wrong, but these days we hear of schools blatantly taking money from the students to bribe external invigilators, and these kids grow up thinking it is okay, so they go into higher institutions with same trend, bribe their way through school, through service, into the labour market, in getting contracts and the vicious cycle goes round and round.
We knew cheating in relationships was not a good thing either, you are suppose to be faithful in relationships, stay true to your partners and all that, but now there are so many excuses, girls would say they need a back up plan if a guy dumps them, or in love with one and in it for the sex or money with another. Guys would come up with the crazy theory of men being naturally polygamous, baby mama drama, or like someone said recently, that getting married is not a big deal; as women and kids can be out sourced!
Homosexuality which God clearly stated as a sin in the bible, is being condoned by the very same church which is supposed to condemn it.Rather we give it fancy names like gay, dyke,fags  and so many others. We say :

Porn is of course recreational!

Snuff films, Game!

Prostitution, ecort services(very professional)

Fornication, according to our generation is an old testament sin.

Orgies and swings-puts some spark in ur marriages!

Strippers- as long as he/ she aint ur relative, is an entertainer

I am not saying these like a saint, but I am telling it like I see it,times have changed and is still changing, the world is getting scarier by the day, the most decadent of needs, the most corrupt ideas, the vilest crimes, are condoned with excuses like,

Heaven helps those who help themselves

The end justifies the means

Who read book na im serious, who pass na im know book

Chop I chop etc

Lets try not to lose sight of what is right. It is bad enough when we err, let us not lose our moral values totally by trying to justify evil.  Hopefully we can retrace our footsteps, and realise that when it comes to what is good or bad, as much as we might want to justify some vile acts to help us feel better, there are no grey areas.