Monday, 9 May 2011

Even Pretty Girls Cry At Night

When I was about thirteen years old, I read a novel by Merrill Joan Gerber entitled, EVEN PRETTY GIRLS CRY AT NIGHT and it gave me a different perspective, for me it just affirmed the saying that the grass always looks greener on the other persons lawn.
Pretty girls are mainly thought to be snobs, not because they are any more than the next person, but because sometimes people are so intimidated by their looks, that they never give them a fair say before judging them, which is quite unfair.
You know how tall people or skinny people get teased endlessly especially as a growing teen? You get called palm tree, tally, longy, lepa and all sorts and they (my very humble self being a victim) smile and take the taunts, but God help you is you call someone short shorty or a fat person fatty and everyone descends on you for being insensitive! I don’t get it!

  • I know at parties, sometimes you find the pretty girls without a dance partner, guess why? Most times guys assume they are stuck up and will say no , so they settle for the homely girls while little-miss-pretty sits in a corner acting like she doesn’t care, but inside she almost wishes she could be ordinary so people do not get intimidated, kinda explains why some aint married too. If a pretty girl approaches her 30’s and is unmarried, people assume she is too selective that’s why she is still single, but if miss-not- so –pretty is single, people sympathise and say, Oh, she is such a nice girl, hope she finds someone! Double standards if you ask me.
  • I will also use a scenario that deals with races, you know how blacks keep acting like they are so hated by the whites, but they themselves treat the white with disdain saying its because their fore fathers were wronged, please get a life! People are individuals and should be treated as such. Sometimes we just wallow in so much self pity, that we fail to see a good thing even when it hits us SMACK! In the face.
  • And also think about how people who are poor seem to think they have an exclusive right to heaven, Hello! Being poor does not mean you will go to heaven, if you act like a devil, you will be miserable here and in the life after as well, so instead of judging your rich boss or neighbor and assuming he made his money through crooked means, why don’t you live like Christ would want you to and pray that God almighty blesses the works of your hand, rather than self righteously wallowing in poverty!
Anyway, my thoughts are based on the fact that sometimes we treat a certain class of people unfairly because in certain aspects of life they seem highly favoured already, could be physically, intellectually, socially, or financially. I think we should accord everyone same treatment, what is referred to as the curtesy of Christ. Before people start saying it doesn’t make sense and all the usual stories, na my blog, and I am entitled to my opinion, if you don’t like it, leave a comment or go create your own blog! Shikena!

ps: for all the tall skinny teens who were /are teased as kids, trust me when u grow older and fill out in all the right places everyone starts saying you are hot and look like a super model, trust me, I speak from experience *wink*
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