Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mariage...and other Disasters

Emeka and his wife Ada have been living in a supposedly rented duplex in V/I for the last 10yrs. He just recently discovered that for the past 10yrs, the house they've been living in belonged to his wife and they had been paying rent through an agent with normal yearly increases and the money had been going to his wife! What would you do if you were in Emeka's shoes?

Don’t know how true this story is sha, but I got it on my BB and it triggered something in me. Personally I think he should stall, not confront her and just refuse to pay the next rent, lets see if she will kick herself and her family out of her house! The lying , crazy, witch! (these are the only insults i can print, the rest have to stay in my head)

Infidelity in all forms and contexts has been popping up all over the place lately and it makes you wonder why people bother sometimes. People marry, fall out of love gradually and are not even interested in working it out, cheating is not even a big deal for most, and trust is almost an alien word! I am not being a wet blanket here, I have friends who have amazing marriages, and I for one would love to get married (will keep y’all posted on that soon) but I am all ears when it comes to hearing what people think, and these are some scenarios that I really would love to hear people’s thoughts on.

Has any of you seen Butterfly On a Wheel, starring two non American Hollywood hunks, Pierce Brosnan and Gerald Buttler. Well, my reference to this movie is just to show the extent people would go when they feel  betrayed in their marriages. what happened in the movie? abeg go watch am jor, what am I, your movie story teller?  (hiss)

Another case we found ourselves discussing today at the office is  about a woman who claims none of her four kids are her hubby’s! this is crazy, apparently they were unable to have kids, and she had an affair and got pregnant, so whenever she wanted a baby, she went back to same guy and got knocked up again! Four times! Comon guys, there's got to be some sort of punishment for this kinda people.

Another case, a guy is sterile, knows he is, says nothing to his wife and everyone is praying and fasting waiting for her to have a kid, some people already assuming it’s the woman’s fault, when all this while oga has been shooting blanks!

I am hurriedly typing this before I close for the day and get stuck in the traffic caused by that crazy new bridge that has made going home a nightmare for me, the bridge that has taken my going home time from 20mins to 1hour, that bridge that …ok, I will save that gist for another day.

leave a comment, just share a weird story or tell us what you think.

Gotta go home!

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