Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Me And The Other Dianas

I like love my name, I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful names in the world, (no apologies) as a result, I have a soft spot for everyone called Diana, ranging from Diana Ross, the late Princess of Wales, Diana King and most recently, Diana Krall (whom I only just started listening to a few hours ago)Princess Di
I don’t know if everyone is like that, I mean does everyone feel drawn to their namesakes? Or am I just a ” Diana obsessed weirdo?” I automatically like anyone, or at least soften towards them if they bear same name as I.

Another reason for this boundless love for the name is that no matter the shortened form it takes, it stays a beautiful name, Di, Diane, Dee, don’t hate me jare, its not my fault your folks decided to call you……..(fill in the gap)

Little wonder it’s the name of goddesses (Moon, fertility, hunting), and for all those haters, it doesn’t mean goddess of anything, it means Divine Beauty, the goddesses only fell in love with the name like I have.

 Crazy Di

                                                                            Soul Di
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