Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Written Pictures

I have always been fascinated by books; and I coined the expression "Written Pictures" based on the imagery a well written piece can create.I guess it started with my folks never really allowing us go anywhere as kids, so I had to enjoy indoor hobbies like movies, music and books.

I am not even sure how writing does this, but I discovered quite early that it helps relieve pent up emotions, especially when you have an audience, people who actually read what you write and encourage you.
I started writing when I was about twelve or thirteen, and I did it for fun, and my audience then where a couple of friends, kids like me who dabbled with the pen as well, but my biggest audience were my friends, the Edoros. They were actually much older than I, big brothers of my very dear friend Ose, they encouraged and made me want to write new stuff all the time.
Then I had professor Adejumo at Village francais and his Cenacle Poetique, with that i developed a love for  la poesie in French. It was great writing and have people tell you what they thought. Then I graduated, went for NYSC, started job hunting and lost my zeal to write. I did not write for over six years! All this while I told myself I was working and too busy, but deep down, I think I lost the zeal cos I did not have an audience anymore.

Then came a writer friend of mine, Felix, who was fond of putting up notes on facebook, and he saw a poem I wrote when I was fourteen and he was quite impressed, so I showed him some more, and he went on my case about putting up notes on facebook, and I reluctantly agreed two years ago, and wow! the response from total strangers was amazing! People were asking for more, then a colleague suggested I start blogging, and I created this blog in August, 2010 and trust me guys, you have all made it worth while.

I get messages from people asking me questions, I get messages from people telling me how some of my piece have inspired them, I love having an audience when I write, which is a far cry from who I am in reality, I do not like attention….which is kinda hard when you are light skinned and 5”11.

I know some of you are probably wondering why I am making all this noise about my love for the literary arts today, well…this is my way of saying thank you to readers of DP (Dianah’s Place) for your support and that I appreciate each time you come back here to leave a comment or send me those personal mails, I might not respond to all of them, but it doesnt mean I appreciate you any less. And as my tiny little way of giving back to the world of creative writing, I decided to put up a writing competition, and this will be done every quarter to give erstwhile silent writers a voice. I am quite happy at the response we have been getting so far.
 For more info visit the Write n' Win tab on this blog.


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