Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

New Year's Day (Celebrations in My World)I have been getting messages from some friends and acquaintances who enjoy my silly little write ups, all asking me same question “why the long silence?” well, as much as I have a passion for my Rant n’ Rave, I needed a break from the computer! Though phones and Blackberry (which a friend of mine calls the corporate curse)seem to make it impossible for one to stay out of touch, my next vacation…no one is allowed to contact me!
Ok, to the main reason I am writing, which is to wish all of you a wonderful year 2010. I always feel so blessed and favored at the beginning of the year, for me it symbolizes a fresh start, its an awesome way to start on a clean slate, old grudges kept aside, past failures stay in the past and endless possibilities all laid out in front of you, and all you have to do is open your heart to receive it, and trust me on this sitting on your butt and making plans without doing anything about them isn’t going to help you achieve anything at the end of the year, so those lovely plans, those dreams, those thoughts …get moving on them, so that you will have a great year.
I am a firm believer in the thought that God has placed everything we need to be who we are right in front of us, all we have to do is pray that he directs out paths and also that we do not miss out on the opportunities when they come knocking, cos darlings, “GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU, BUT NOT FOR YOU!”
A lot of people start the year all fired up and geared for a great start and somewhere down the line, the lose the zest, the gusto in which they started and end the year accepting some crappy mediocrity when they could have had so much more, don’t be like that this year, there is no point starting a journey you have no intention of finishing, to live your dream, you have to wake up! I am a very passionate person, with life, love , family and interests, so it kinda hurts when I see people with so much potentials wasting away, don’t be that person this year.
Hope you started the year on a clean slate, none of the crap from last year only the good which you intend to make a lot better in 2011,if yes, then I congratulate you cos you are really ready to take 2011 by storm! Some people started the year with good things like birthdays and weddings, I am extremely happy for you, while some entered the new year on a sad note with death and sickness, my heart goes out to you, you still have 361 days to make a difference don’t let a bad start deprive you of so much joy ahead.
I am happy we crossed over to the new year, I am happy you took time to read this, I know we have a lot to do and thank GOD for endless possibilities we will get there. I will sign off with this quote:

“In every little plan, include a little prayer”Golden Bonanza New Year's Eve Party Assortment for 100