Monday, 7 February 2011

Between the devil and the deep sea!

Between the devil and the deep sea is exactly how I see the question I am about to ask you guys, because I really do not know if there is a lesser of these two evils?I was talking to a married friend, and she said:
  • more often than not, men will cheat, the question now is, does he respect you enough to hide it? Or does he just flaunt his promiscuity without a care in the world?
• The next question is, would you rather have you spouse cheat on you with a fixed mistress, whom by the way he is in every way committed to, and a major rival, because the only difference between the two of you is the fact that she is not legal and you are! Or would you prefer he had a series of casual, no strings attached flings?

As horrid as these questions are, it is a harsh reality for most women, and some men. It is quite unfortunate that people have to settle for one of two crappy situations.
Cheating , especially from men seem like its socially acceptable, even by most wives, because they have decided not to send themselves to an early grave with wa o!
In my last piece about valentine I wrote about people sending themselves gifts just to impress people, and since we are talking about cheating, I figured we should relate it to valentine as well.
Have y'all heard about cheaters who spend valentine with two, three or more people?
At the risk of sounding like a spanner in the wheel of romance, isnt it emotionally and physically tasking enough being in a relationship with one person? how the heck do these cheaters manage, and this year's valentine day is on a monday, a working day of the week. So between work, and rush hour (for lagosians) it seem hard enough to squeeze in even one val date!
well, i gotta get back to work sha, will keep feeding y'all with any gist i hear that is valentine related, and for the record, I got plans for mine now *wink*

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The ‘L’ Word

February Is my favourite month of the year for two reasons,firstly, I was born on the twenty seventh of this month (y’all better remember and send me nice messages and gifts) and secondly it is the month of love and romance, and I love LOVE!
I have been having one of those weeks from hell, pressure from work and some personal issues, and as much as I wanted to rant and rave about love this month on my blog, I have been unable to. So here I am, lying in bed and listening to Celine Dion and I figured, what better time to write than the present?
I was chatting with a couple of friends some days ago and everyone had something to say about valentine, some felt it was over rated, some felt it was a time for pretences (this I found very interesting) and very few, like yours truly felt love could never be over rated, and if you feel it, just do something special for your loved ones that day. I grew up in a family where we did a ballot on valentine’s eve, everyone’s name was written on a piece of paper and you pick from the ballot box, whoever you pick automatically becomes your valentine and you have to get them a gift, no matter how little it was, even if it meant gift wrapping a pack of the cheapest biscuits from the mallam next door. We just wanted to share and laugh about it, and it was fun, because everyone was involved. I recall dad picked mum from the ballot box one year (how

Now back to the part about valentine being a season for pretences and keeping up appearances, I found out from the group chat, that people, to be specific, ladies would send themselves flowers, chocolates and gifts just to show off to friends and colleagues! That is so pathetic and the lamest thing anyone could possibly do! I have spent valentine’s day alone on several occasions, and I never felt it was something to be ashamed of, or deceive myself about. Why are people so obsessed with what other people think? I am not even certain what I will be doing this valentine. Will let you know after valentine if there is a story to tell.
There is no specific day to show loved ones what you feel about them, but there is a day to celebrate that feeling, and that is the fourteenth of February, make it worth remembering for someone.


Winged and mischievous little angel called Cupid is one of the very famous Valentine's Day Symbols. The symbol traces its origin from the Roman mythology where Cupid has been described as the son of Venus - the Goddess of Love. It is believed that Cupid had a bow with a quiver of arrows and anyone hit by Cupid's arrow did not die but fell in love. According to a myth, it was Cupid's mother Venus who used to send him on such errands.
In Greek mythology, Cupid is known by the name of Eros and as the son of Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of Love. In Roman and Greek mythology Cupid is always shown as a youth and not as a fat baby with wings. In Latin, however, the meaning of the word ‘Cupid' is desire. Latin mythology shows Cupid as a chubby, naked, winged boy or youth with a mischievous smile and as someone who made people fall in love.
In certain mythologies it is said that anyone shot with a Cupid's arrow falls in love with the first person he/she sees. It is also said that Cupid's arrow was invisible to his victims so that they would not be aware that they were shot until they fell in love. Several legends have used this mischief of Cupid to create hilarious situation