Monday, 6 June 2011

One Word For this Town- Crazyville!

I never travel without a book, no matter how short the flight might be, I always prepare for the unexpected delays that lurk in the shadows of the airports, a nice book and my IPod are my favourite travel companions, but I would gladly shed both if I have good company for a travel partner. My trip to Accra last weekend was no exception, I sat in the aircraft back to Lagos, reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller, Eat Pray Love and somewhere in those pages, I was inspired to write this piece for my blog. According to her, to know if a town actually meets what you would like it to be , one of the simple test to carry out is this, if you can think of one word that describes the City/ Town and that words is not in any way you, then it is not your Town and you probably should go live elsewhere.

It might not make sense to many people, but I made sense to me because as much as I love the opportunities Lagos has in store, I have always known it was just NOT my town, my Favourite attribute to have in any place is peace, it has to exude that feeling, that calming effect and when I think of Lagos, the first word that comes to my head is Madness/ Chaos, I have even playfully coined the term Crazyville when describing Lagos. lol

I know I am a bit conservative, I can’t help it and I am not making apologies for it either, My reason for not being able to accept Lagos as a long term plan for me can not be over emphasized. I Love peace and tranquillity, I love serene, natural environments, places where I can actually feel the purity in the air when I breathe, I can see trees, flowers, gardens, water bodies….gosh I could go on and on. Maybe that was why this trip to Accra was so beautiful, (though it would have been better if Mon amour had come with me)

I do not know much about Accra, but the resort I stayed in was by the beach. It was everything a vacation spot should be, the sight was breathtaking, I could hear the waves from my room, I could see the beach from my balcony, I could literarily taste the salt in the air, I could see the point where the sea and the sky actually meet from my window, the view still awakens the poet in me.

I really would love to own a beach house in the not so distant future, it would be my retirement home, the place I get to spend my last days on earth when I am old and grey…looking into the distant sea happily, not a care in the world, just a deep sense of satisfaction, thanking God for the great and fulfilling life I would have lived at that time.