Friday, 7 October 2011

Okay, yesterday after confessing an addiction, I got an award via a fellow blogger, Amanda Shares you do well o, may your award Container never be empty.(whoever said a good confession does not have its rewards) Lol

So to keep the award going I have to respond to all this questions below, usually I hate Q and A’s but she made it so much fun, lets play along.

• Link back to the person who gave you the award

• Tell seven random things about yourself

• Nominate 15 bloggers

This ought to be easy breezy…I think


Name your favorite color- BLUE

Reason 1:I love blue, cos my folks used to buy pink and blue of same outfit for my older sis and I, and my sister always took the pink, and left me with the I was kinda forced to like blue.

Reason 2: I love blue as an adult cos it’s a cool and calm color, makes me feel at peace.

Name your favorite song-

Ha! It should be name my favourite songs o, cos I cant seem to think of just one…My Redeemer Lives by Nicole Mullen, that song was definitely inspired by God!

Name your favorite dessert

Give me a fruit platter anytime, anyday!

What pisses you off?

Stingy people who think giving will make them poor! And Loud people who feel they have to impress me with stuff (ughhhhhhh!)

When you are upset you….

Cry, I am a real softy or I get really quiet so that I don’t say something I will regret later.

Your favorite pet

Dogs, okay to be specific puppies or dogs that are small forever, with the exception of a Chihuahua, if I want a rat as a pet, I don’t have to pay so much for it!

Black or white?

More Like Black and White. But since na by force to choose one, I will chose WHITE..Good over Evil.

Your biggest fear

Not having God to support me and marrying someone who thinks little of me.

Everyday attitude

Make each Day count for good!

Your best feature

My height, my complexion, my eyes, my luscious lips- Ibeg to be vain here, I cant pick one jare, I love me some me oh jare.

What is perfection?

Living like Jesus Christ.

Guilty pleasure

I love a guy with a good built and give me a baritone *covering my face and blushing*

7 Random things about myself:

•I am an unapologetic Christian….I love being one and can’t imagine being anything else

•I would do anything for my family and friends

•I admire people who know what it means to give from the heart

•I am a poet.

•I love vacationing by the seaside

•I love music

15 Blogs I am passing this award on to:

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Have a great weekend y'all!

Amanda Shares: One Lovely Blog Award

Amanda Shares: One Lovely Blog Award

Thursday, 6 October 2011

HELP! I Am A TV Addict.

Before I give you guys the main gist about me and my TV addiction, let me tell the brief gist of my ATM card.

On Monday, being a public holiday, I had promised some distant family peeps that I would be stopping by, and of course since I came back from London, they were expecting me to come back with at least chocolate and some other goodies, and trust naija and the one million friends and relatives we usually have, I had run out of stuff to give them, so my plan was to stop at a Cash Point and go to the supermarket to buy some stuff, they wont be able to tell the difference jare, no be the usual M &M, Sneakers and Bounty?
Anyhoo, as I got to the Cash Point, the mumu thing refused to work…only to find out that it was mumu me did not check my and my card had expired! There I was stranded, well a buddy of mine came through, DaVinci u do well o!
Chioma ooooooo! (my acct officer), please I need my new card.

Well, back to the main gist, imagine me in one of those 12 steps programs for addicts;

Me:                  My name is Di and I am aTV addict
Fellow addicts:  Hello Di

I have recently come to the sad realisation that I am a TV addict, and I know some of you might say I am just being dramatic, but I know I got it bad when it comes to Television, and I really need to cut down on my viewing.

How to know you are an addict:

• You watch everything on TV

• You browse through channels, not for a specific program, but looking for anything to watch!

• You know all the series and shows on TV

• You talk about people on TV like you know them

• When you leave your house you think Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police crew are looking out for you!( you wish)

• You style you house the way they do on Style network

• You say things like "you remember that episode of….." (and not just on your favourite show but on ALL shows!)

• You forget birthdays of friends and family but always remember the date your DSTV subscription expires and you remember Kim Kardashian's birthday!

• You turn on the TV and cant even remember what it was you were watching

• You watch TV shows even if they have been shown a hundred times before

• You have to lie and cancel dates/appointments cos there is something on TV

• You set reminders on countless prog. There is always a reminder popping up.

• You watch three different shows at same time and they all make sense!

• You are reading this and mentally ticking the items you are guilty of and they exceed five.

• You are saying in your mind this Dianah self this does not mean I am an addict na” (My dear, it means your own don finish, at least I am guilty of some of these and I admit)

• You know who Patrick Jane, Agent Gibbs, Horatio, Kim Kardashian, Guy Fieri, Paula Dean, Will and Grace, Van Vicker, Genevieve Nnaji, Jara, Selena Gomez, Cece and Rocky,etc (if you know all these people you are most likely an addict as these shows picked from random channels, na wa for you o!)

Anyway,i have identified my problem and the first step to correcting this addiction is by prayer and fasting not renewing my DSTV subscription and reading more! I used to love books, now I have a stack that I havent read at all.

Wish me luck guys, and tell me whats your addiction?