Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Xmas Entrepreneur's Fair!

Its going to be all about Christmas this season, come to think of it, my blog should be looking alot more festive!
I have people doing various promos, holiday deals and loads of Christmas-y stuff, and I have been asked by several to FEATURE them on my blog, even got some VIP passes!  Yaaaay me! (clapping like London Tipton, SWEET LIFE ON DECK)

Here is one of such, this was sent to me by a childhood buddy:

Xmas Entrepreneur's Fair!

Get your much needed goods and services across to the teeming public and prospective customers!

Direct after fair traffic to your shops, offices, websites and whatever location you operate from.

Build a useful reserve of new client contacts. Get your business out there and take it to the next level.

A good time to sell your stuff at bargain prices to make for great last minute christmas gifts.


Protea Hotel Isaac John Ikeja
17th December 2011

Limited spaces Available!!!

To participate contact

08074963312, 08066109684

BB 26cf7005

Monday, 5 December 2011

Nazareth Home- Lets Share the Christmas Spirit!

 It has been a while since I wrote anything new, been busy but was finally inspired to write by a charity event I attended two Sundays ago.
A friend of mine, Ben Alli came in from London bought a table at this event and asked me to come, I am very lazy when it comes to attending events, I just love staying at home too much, but he insisted and I decided to oblige him.
I will let the video below speak for itself:
I have been going on and on about the spirit of Christmas, I think I just found a worthy cause, what about you? you can call Adeola (The founder) with the no. attached to this video, I will put up the flier for the concert so you can have further contact/bank details if you chose to be a part of the amazing work she is doing.
I am not big on starting things, but when i see a good Charity, I am eager to support with as much as I can spare, and the selflessness of the founder humbled me. I actually invited her to my office and gave her the Youtube and Twitter Idea, because I think people should get to know more about her.
Gotta get outta the office now, but will update you further on this.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

Happy December everyone!!!
I am one of those people who make so much fuss over their birthdays and Christmas, I totally love the way both celebrations make me feel.
I should think of something Charming to Write about, decorations are already coming up, people are already making plans with family and friends....

9' Downswept Hunter Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree - Multi Lights
There is something about the holiday season which makes everyone excited. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what religion you practice, the euphoria, the child like excitement that comes with the end of year buzz is infectious. I promised myself I would not start talking about Christmas, like a kid expecting Santa to come down the chimney. So, as much as possible, I told myself to act coy/matured and avoid the word Christmas, at least till the first of December. But that ain't happening -apparently.

I was with my buddies in Abuja over the weekend, and we talked about the haze.Once I see haze, as far as I am concerned it means the “C” word is coming. The haze that comes with Harmattan from my childhood days, has always been our own version of a white Christmas, so when Oyinbo people are singing I am dreaming of a white Christmas, I confidently join in, thanks to the Harmattan haze.

Harmattan+ Cold= Christmas

But have you all noticed how different it has been over the last couple of years, the weather is dry, but it is never really cold on Christmas mornings anymore, all you get is the barest sign of Harmattan, making our Christmas a dusty and hot day as opposed to my equation above. Who messed up my equation? Is it the greatly depleting ozone layer?

Anyhoo, before I get all scientific out of sadness over my lost Harmattan , let me delve into the gist for today.