Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Man Palava

Isn’t it ridiculous the time we spend discussing the male species?  If wives are not talking about husbands, single girls about boyfriends, those dating complaining, comparing, appreciating or just plain dissing the brothers. I am just as guilty as the next female.
It doesn’t really matter the age, teenagers, young adults, singles and even married we all end up talking more than half the time about men. We could start a very innocent or regular topic, but somewhere along the line men and all their drama come into the mix.
I know some ladies might argue this and say, we talk about other stuff, but before you go arguing, the next time you hang out with your girls, try and observe how the male species have a way of creeping into every gist.
Are we spending so much time complaining/trying to change them? or are they really as clueless as most women think.
 For the records, I am not saying all the gist about men is to say how terrible are, there are some pretty amazing gists we hear too that makes us believe the male species...not a hopeless case afterall.
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