Friday, 20 April 2012

Wanderlust 2

I tend to have this feeling quite a bit, an overpowering desire to go away, take off and see somewhere new, unfortunately I can not afford to do that all the time, cos I have a regular job and cant just “up and go” like I please. Secondly, flights and hotels cost a fortune, if you like travelling like I do, then you know they dont come cheap.
I am not some girl with a lot of money to spare, contrary to what people think when I go on and on about vacations, but I have so much responsibilities in my work life and in my personal life, that the only way I can stay sane is to go away, and come back refreshed. I have a need, not just a want when it comes to travelling, hence my wanderlust .

I guess we all have our own ways of staying sane, some drink, some party, some read, some make holiday plans just anything that takes your mind away from the usual everyday drudgery.   
I always talk about the seaside, for me there is something overwhelmingly relaxing about the sea, so no beach…no vacation. (not entirely true though)
 I have been on  all week, reading people’s reviews / comments  on a hotel I booked via one of those ridiculously affordable deals keeps churning out. It is a four star hotel in The Smiling Coast of Africa (I am not giving the hotel any free publicity yet jare) just looking forward to the trip and all the exciting tours I have lined up is enough to bring back the zest in my life. When I come back from this trip, there will be gist , will tell you the name of the hotel and if its worth spending your time and money (I can be pretty convincing when I wanna be)and hopefully videos to share.
I love travelling, I enjoy the thrill that comes with seeing new places, learning new cultures and having something to marvel about, I almost feel like the author of the beautiful book Eat, Pray, Love.

 Let me share my list of places I would love to visit in the not so distant future:

Greece:               For the history and the relics

France:              “See Paris and die, baby”  and je parles francais

Kenya:               Wildlife

Egypt :               History and the Pyramids

Venice:              Always wanted to go on a Gondola

The Carribean:  Sea and Sun, baby!

There is also the vacation checklist a la Dianah

Ipad/Phonecontains my Bible, my novels/books, music and movies

Sunscreen    - just realized the sun  doesn’t love me

Bath salts     -  The salt will take care of me if the Hotel spa is ridiculously expensive (save some cash)

Toiletries      - Don’t  trust those little freebies in hotels jare, but will still take them if they look

Cash/ Cards  - with enough of these you are good to go!

Hotel requirements:

Clean room-             Do you have any idea how many people have been in those rooms!

Wi-Fi                       I dont need my phone on my vacations, but sure do need the Internet

Bath tub                  The bath salt is for a reason, duh!

A room with a view- Yeah, this helps

A Gym                      Too much lounging is bad for you!

Good food-               full spread buffet breakfast

 I think this is going to be an awesome vacation, I can feel it in my guts…will update you on the plan, the trip is still two long weeks away, hopefully I can contain the excitement till then, and dont worry, I plan to take God along with me on this trip, so will have my moments of self assessment and sober reflection too.

I wonder what I should do to my hair for this trip……
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