Friday, 29 June 2012

300 Passengers Escape Mishap as 12 Coach Train Derails Due Washed Off Tracks en route Lagos

I have actually never seen a train in Nigeria, the closest I have ever come to seeing one is just the rail line somewhere between Ikeja and Oshodi, and I recall my older sister telling me she saw one pass by and the passengers looked dusty and tired like they were coming from the past!So it always gets my attention when I hear talks about the railway lines, because I have always thought it was none existent. (No one I know has ever been in one in Nigeria)
That being said,  according to reports gathered from the PUNCH, there was a near fatal incident on wednesday night.This Got me thinking (yeah, I am always thinking) if our airspace that is used frequently is not well managed, what are the guarantees that our almost none existent railway lines is ever thought of? The track, why was it washed away? Does anyone handle repairs and maitainance of these infrastructure? #JustSaying
Over three hundred passengers on Wednesday night escaped death when a 12-coach Lagos-bound train rammed into a Nissan Cabstar pick-up at Odo-Eran, Lafenwa area of Abeokuta, Ogun State.
The collision, which occurred at 9am, saved the train from plunging into a gully created by flood which had washed away part of the rail track.
The flood, which was caused by the heavy rain in the state capital, had swept away the sand under the rail track.
The collision also prevented the train from reaching the damaged rail track.
When our correspondent visited the scene, many of the stranded passengers whose goods and luggage were inside the train, were seen loitering around the railway station.
An official of the Nigeria Railway Corporation at Lafenwa station, who pleaded anonymity, said the Principal Traffic Officer of the corporation, advised the management not to allow the train to cross the portion of the track washed away by flood.
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