Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breaking News:Dana Plane Crashes In Lagos!

Too many sad news today in Nigeria.
First the bomb blasts in Bauchi State and now a Plane Crash in Lagos. We really should say a prayer for this Nation, and lets pray there are survivors out of the 153 People on board the flight.

Will keep you updated.

NCAA has confirmed that there are no survivors. God rest their souls.

This is a quote from Reuter
" Air crashes are not uncommon in Nigeria, Africa's second biggest economy, which has a poor Airline safety record"

Sad isn't it? But can you blame them for reporting such? In just twenty four hours we had the crash of Allied Cargo in Accra and now this Dana in Lagos.
This Just took me back to when I was a Cabin Crew with Bellview, was fortunate not to have been on board the aircraft in 2005.
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