Thursday, 28 June 2012

I Wish Everything Has A Ring Tone!

Don’t you just wish everything had a ring tone? I remember thinking this way for the first time one day my dad had been careless with his keys, scratch that, every time my dad was careless with his keys! Lol
He had a place on the book shelf for it, but he sometimes left it ‘somewhere’ and we all had to look for it, and all I kept thinking was, it would be great if we could call it and it rang!
That thought still hasn’t left my head, as I guess we all fall in those situations too, you search for certain things, maybe your passport before a trip, some important document, a receipt, your remote and the crazy part is you even search for your phone (That goes for crazy people like me who hate hearing phones ring and always put it on silent!)
Yeah, I have searched for my phone a couple of times, and when someone suggests “why don’t we call he phone to hear where it rings”Then I look really stupid!
Well, I have been looking for my DSTV remote,and wishing the damn this had a ring tone!
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