Sunday, 24 June 2012

Illegal Firearm Factory Exposed in Edo State

The Edo state police uncovered a firearm factory somewhere in Owan East.
The exact location is said to be Ughoma forest in Otuo.
The Edo State police commissioner, Olayinka Balogun stated that one person has been arrested so far from the scene where they found 10 firearms and several catridges.
They report that it is a manufacturing and assembling factory.

This is election time in Edo state, and going by the way this country operates, this is to be expected unfortunately.
It is very disturbing to see the way every part of this country seem to be sitting on a ticking time bomb!
We have to deal with fraud at the topmost level, bombs and insecurities of all kinds, failed and never ending projects. I really don't want to lose hope , but it is getting really hard to see the the silver lining behong these dark clouds.
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