Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Medical doctor who chose to be furniture artist

It is quite impressive to see people pursue their passion, but it is even more attractive when they become really successful doing it.I am quite sure his dad wont be thrilled , but seriously who cares jare, it's not like he is commiting a crime, and I think he has sacrificed enough years of his life studying medicine to please his family.
Soji AkinkugbeFor the College of Medicine, University of Lagos-trained doctor, Soji Akinkugbe, it is ‘me and my furniture forever’. Apart from the training he received in school, he hails from a family of doctors. Yet, he has never been really attracted to the hospital.
Rather, he has always fancied creative and entreprenerial endeavours. This is a dream he has pursued for decades, and it has given birth to fruits that have in turn made him fulfilled.
A symbol of that is that he will be at the centre of attraction on July 27 when people are expected to rally round him in Lagos, where he will open a four-day furniture exhibition that will also mark the opening of his new outfit – Colours in Africa.

Full details in the PUNCH
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