Saturday, 23 June 2012

Updated:Rumoured bomb blast in Abuja.

Apparently some people do not understand the gravity of the tension in this country already. How else do you explain if this turns out to be a  rumour. Heard hours ago that there was a bomb blast at a club in Abuja with reported casualties.
I do not think bombs and death are jokes for people to go spreading as rumours.
Guys it is another weekend and I am really praying we can live peacefully through it and not shed tears or blood.
That's my prayer for us all this weekend. Will Keep you updated

UPDATE: Hey guys, unfortunately it is no rumour as eyewitnesses seemed to have popped up and I have received quite a few messages since the above, even got this picture from someone who claimed to have run off the blast scen.
 I pray all these come to an end soon, I want is to go back to the times we only saw or heard about bomb blasts on TV and in movies.
This was what the alleged eyewitness sent me:
A bomb exploded at the popular Crystal Lounge in the Wuse II district of Abuja. A man entered a crowded food court, planted the bomb and then ran away. Casualties have been reported and five cars were destroyed in the attack.

Hours later someone else sent a message saying the bomb was thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Don't know which is true but they both agreed there was a blast and people had scurry out of the scene. Still waiting for update from credible news sources.
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