Thursday, 26 July 2012

9 Year Old Boy, Accidentally Hangs Self

A nine-year-old boy accidentally hanged himself after getting tangled in a rope attached to a tree in the family garden.
Josef Kazzan's parents took the agonising decision to switch off their son's life support machine two days after the freak accident at their home in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire on Sunday.
He died surrounded by his family at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) on Tuesday.
A neighbour told how he and Josef's mother Rachel had frantically tried to revive her son with heart massage and mouth-to-mouth before paramedics arrived at the house, but could not bring the schoolboy round.
Steve Rhodes, 49, said:
'We managed to get a heart beat and a weak pulse but he never came round after that. I can’t believe he’s gone.
'I miss the noise, I miss him bouncing around. He had so much energy in a small package.
'His mum and dad made that garden for the children, it’s like a wonderland.
'They had everything in there a child would ever want.'
The schoolboy, a pupil at St Patrick's Primary School in Birstall, West Yorkshire, lived with his parents Rachel and Ahmed, older sister Nadia and younger brother Sam.
Mr Rhodes, who had known the youngster since he was born, described how a 'normal' Sunday afternoon turned to tragedy for the neighbouring family.
Culled From: Mailonline
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