Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Childhood Memories and Macgyver

Last night when I got home after work, I found myself thinking about growing up and my favourite TV shows, and then I remembered two guys I had major crushes on, Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver) and David Hasselhof (Knightrider).
Knighttrider was cool, cos he had the talking car, which if you ask me was waaaaaay smarter than he was, But Macgyver...Oh Macgyver, was the cool king of Geekdom. He made it seem like being a geek/techie was the coolest thing ever! He was smart and there was never a jam he could not wriggle himself out of using his super geek intelligence.
Well, I just found out he is now 62 years old! and it got me thinking of how time just seem to fly by so quickly and we  realise that each day is a precious gift, one we ought to cherish and make the most of.
Richard Dean Anderson might grow old, and eventually die but in my head Macgyver stays young and full of "smarticles"
Okay, now my head has been cleared of childhood memories...and Macgyver, I can get back to work.
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