Sunday, 29 July 2012

Director of The Matrix, Larry Wachowski Is Now a Woman?

Lana Wachowski in the trailer for Cloud Atlas
Lana Wachowsky, formerly Larry
I dont understand being gay/transgender and the rest of the alternatives, firstly because I am  Christian and everything in me says it is wrong, and secondly because I just dont get it, plain and simple! Especially when people chose this alternative lifestyle when they are old and should be thinking less of Sex!
we hear of people changing their sexual prefences, getting divorces and abandoning their families just to pursue their new sexual preference.
Well, Hollywood director responsible for the hit Matrix movies has ‘outed’ himself as a pink-haired transsexual called Lana.

Larry Wachowski, 47, one of the most influential directors in Hollywood after Steven Spielberg, has been undergoing hormone therapy as part of his sex-change treatment for nearly a decade. In a trailer for his latest film, the £80 million production Cloud Atlas, Wachowski says in a soft and breathy voice: ‘Hi, I’m Lana.’ It is the first time ‘Larry’ has appeared publicly as ‘Lana’.

see picture of him when he was still a 'guy'  and a part of the Wachowski brothers duo below (He is the one in the red cap)
The director as Larry alongside his brother Andy Wachowski (in cap)
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