Monday, 9 July 2012

Fake It Till You Make It!

So I get home from work on Thursday evening and thanks to a burst pipe in my bathroom, I meet my apartment flooded! What a way to  end the first half of the year, and the year 2012.5 begins with a damp, pungent apartment. Not exactly the picture I had in mind after a hard day’s work.
*Was I upset? Definitely
*Did I let it get to me? No way!
Not even when my mean landlady refused to turn on the generator for the cleaning company to dry my apartment, cos these are just too trivial to ruin the beginning of the better half of the year. So, I am going to count it all joy, even when things go wrong, I am still going to thank God for the silly things that happen each day, things that try to stress me and want to force a frown on my pweety face, I am going to Fake it till I make it…in a cool way that’s faith, aint it?
Lets look at it this way:

1. Faith-believe in things not yet seen, act on that belief and watch it take shape (I am a proud believer!)

2. Fake it till you make it, simply means acting on what you intend to achieve like you have already achieved it, even when it isn’t real, till it becomes real.

Different ways of putting it, but same chain of activities.
The middle of the year is almost like the beginning of the year for me, I kinda like to take stock, reflect on what I have been able to achieve in the first half, beat myself up for the things I still haven’t done, and thank God for keeping his side of the deal (cos HE always does)

2011 has been a good year for me, not because I have all I want, or have achieved all I set out to, but because I have the most important of all I asked God for, and I know there is more than enough time to get the rest of the bounty, if only I can keep to my side of the deal.
Well, I hope the other half of the year turns out well for you all, I sure am convinced I will have many reasons to be grateful when it all comes to an end.

Fake It Till You Make It! Or better put Faith It Till You Achieve It!

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