Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I Am A 'Watchaholic', Sue Me!

Wetin sef? I don’t do booze, club, or party, hell! I don’t even particularly like shopping, boring life to some, and perfect life for me, so if I chose to have one vanity, permit me.
My name is Dianah and I am a Watchaholic (hi Dianah).
Watchaholic- defined as someone who is nuts about wrist watches, might not notice your Hermes bag, your Manolos, nor your Vera Wang but will definitely notice what wristwatch you are wearing.

Now that we all get the picture, and I have exposed my insanity and vanity, we can get on with this piece.
I have a collection of 15 watches, (and trust me I have given out quite a number) but yet when I pass by a shop were watches are sold, I can’t help but stop and check them out. My latest obsession (yeah, u heard me) is a Patek Phillipe that cost 60,200 (wait for the bomb) dollars!

Okay, I know I can not afford it, an it woud be gross irresponsibilty to even think of buying it, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring it and checking it out on the website.

I can’t explain what it is with watches and me, but they are the one accessory I feel has to be just right. I remember how excited I was some years ago when I had my first Eco Drive watch, I kept quoting the slogan “it’s more than just a time piece, it’s a technology” I must have publicised the Eco Drive more than their marketers.

Another memorable watch story is my facebook win, I had just bumped into the WATCH GALLERIES page on facebook and saw a quiz, trust me to win it as long as the prize is a watch, and I have since become an advocate for WATCH GALLERIES, great stores, great stock. okay enough with the adverts!
The Patek Philippe reminds me of when I loved the Swatch so many years ago, but could not afford it….now as inexpensive as my only Swatch is, I would never give it out, because it brings back memories… hmmmm, a story for another day I guess.

Well, this post is not exactly supposed to be meaningful or make sense, but it’s just to let you know a bit about me that you did not know, I love watches and watches love me!
My Collection....well, some of them

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