Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jos Tragedy: Flood Kills 35 and Renders Hundreds of Residents Homeless

Sometimes when we read about natural disaters in other countries and sometimes other states, we might sigh and say tough luck, but it never really hits home till it happens to you or people close to you.
I remember the torrential rainfall we had in Lagos last year in July, it made me realise for the first time how disastrous a natural disaster could be. I was in no way affected directly, but I saw its effects all around and it shook me quite a bit.
 Tragedy struck in Jos, Plateau State capital, Sunday night, when a rampaging flood swallowed over 35 people and also destroyed more than 200 houses. A 90-year-old woman and a three-month-old baby were among the victims while more than 15 people have also been declared missing.
Heavy rainfall was reported to have forced a dam to overflow causing flooding which submerged several houses, rendering many people homeless.
Areas most affected were parts of Rukuba Road, Angwan Rogo, Angwan Rukuba, Rikkos, Gangare and Farin Gada, among others. By yesterday morning, about three cars were seen submerged in water below the Farin Gada bridge.
The torrential rain which started in the evening on Sunday continued till past midnight making many rivers to overflow their banks.
Full reports in the Vanguard
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