Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lagos State Govt. Commences Demolition of Makoko

Makoko is one of Lagos' best known slums. Many residents are fishermen and some have migrated from neighbouring Togo and Benin.This slum is easily visible from the bridge which connects the Lagos  mainland to theLagos island districts.
Recently, a letter from the Lagos State Authorities stated that "Notice is hereby given to you to vacate and remove all illegal developments along the Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront within 72 hours,"
The letter from the Lagos state authorities says the illegal constructions constituted an "environmental nuisance, security risk and an impediment to the economic and gainful utilisation of the waterfront" and undermined the "megacity status" of Lagos.
Well, following the letter above, I just read online that the demolition started yesterday, with lots of Uniformed personnel present to ensure the demolition is carried out with as little chaos as possible.
The authorities have not said how many people will be affected but community leaders say tens of thousands of people live in Makoko, the AFP news agency reports.

I understand that we want Lagos to be all nice and beautiful, but is 72 hours enough time for people to relocate if there is nothing like an established shelter?
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