Thursday, 26 July 2012

Long overdue Recognition: Man Who Returned 18m Naira Gets Honoured 5yrs After!

The Nigerian Network of Women Exporters of Service (NNWES) has honoured Mr. Imeh Usua, an airport taxi driver that returned a bag belonging to a British passenger containing foreign currency worth N18 million, with service delivery award.
This seems a little late to me, but like the saying goes, 'better late than never'
 I am a strong advocate of encouraging people, rewarding good deeds etc, and it seems long overdue this recognition, but then again I did not follow the story since 2007 till date, so I can not say authoritatively that he did not get some other awards or rewards.
What I am actually gunning for here is that good deeds be recognised, so it encourages others to do same.
I recall when he returned the money some people actually thought he was a goody two shoes, some actually felt he should have kept it!
Let me preach a bit, I grew up in a home where it was totally unacceptable to take anything, even if its stuff in the fridge without foirst asking if it was okay, or who owned it. If you see anything not yours, walk on by and dont take it, if it is accidentally forgotten and you know the owner, take it to them, if you are given excessive change give it back to the trader, if the excessive change was given in a distant place and you cant trace the trader or go back there, give it to a begger/charity.
 I totally agree that  this is a well deserved recognition and I salute Mr. Imeh Usua. I dont believe God wanted to bless Mr.Usua by making the British man have a heart attack over the loss.
Although the incident took place in 2007, NNWES President Nkiru Joy Okpala said it was not too late to recognize him for his sincerity.
Usua, a father of six, who joined eight other award recipients in Abuja, said he had no regrets for returning the money even though he is “a poor man.”
“I can never take another person’s money. I am very happy that Iam being recognized,” he said.

The recipients include Miss Oyinaya Kalu Oka of the NTA, Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali, Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Water Resources; Dr Azubuko Joel Udah, a retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, among others.
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