Thursday, 26 July 2012

Man arrested for refusing to leave the prison.

 The only reason I am sharing this news is because I follow Channels TV on twitter, and while on my lunch break I always check my news sources for update and saw this, I think its funny actually.

Rodney Dwayne Valentine on Saturday morning was granted freedom at the Rockingham County jail in northern North Carolina, but when he refused to leave the prison the police arrested him for trespassing and sent him back to the prison.
Valentine reportedly refused to leave the prison as a result of authorities declining his request for a ride to a local motel.
The police officers suggested that Valentine takes a cab to the motel , he refused and when he didn’t leave the premises he was arrested back and charged for second degree trespassing.
Valentine is being held on a $500 bond Crime Watch while he awaits a scheduled court appearance on August 9.
He has been in prison since May 22 on a charge of damage of personal property.
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