Monday, 16 July 2012

My Friend and His Mental Threadmill (2)

I wrote about a friend of mine who when teased about getting heavy in the middle tells us he works out in his mind, he runs a mental Gym in this prequel My Friend and His Mental Threadmill
and a lot of my readers laughed, sent mails and we joked about it even when we knew we were just as guilty.

My Kid sister sent me a joke this morning, still on exercise and fitness:

Doctor: You need to work out daily, its good for your health
Patient: Sir, I play football and Tennis daily!
Doctor: How long do you play?
Patient: Usually till the battery on my mobile device goes down

yeah, we all laugh about stuff like this but we never do much. well, Oyinbo people always seem to be a step (or plenty steps ahead of us) so, they have come up with virtual games, so you can do the work out in your head and still do it physically.
Keeping fit is vital, we see people getting heart diseases and dying and very young ages, we eat a lot of junk and processed foods, we dont exercise, we spend hours in front of one screen or the other be it our computers, Tv, ipads, tablets etc
Get off you behind and work out! Not so you have washboard abs or look like a super model (cos it might never happen for some) Do it to stay healthy.
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