Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pictures From The Opening Cerempony Of The Olympic

So last night in a very un-Dianah-like fashion I was out a tad late with my friend and her fiance, Murphhy's, a Karaoke Bar in Victoria Island. Between renditions of some horrible song renditions by some people and a romantic proposal by a guy who serended his erstwhile girlfriend before going on one knee to propose, I and many others kept stealing glances at the Screen, and not the screen with the Karaoke, but the one with the opening ceremony of the Olympic.Yeah, we could not resist.
we Watched the Torch go on a boatride on the Thames, with David Beckham steering, and we watched the countries from A-Z parade their contestants, and we all screamed like true patiotic Nigerians when we saw our Naija people parade with our flags.
The real deal: A man can be seen helping David steer the speedboat down the river with one hand on the steering wheel
The Torch On The Thames
Illuminating: Tower Bridge was highlighted by a dramatic fireworks show as the speedboat passed under it
Fireworks at The Opening Ceremony
Right there and then, I decided that no day would go by (for the duration of the Olympic) that Dianah's Place would not put a post talking about it.

Update:China’s world number one Yi Siling won the first gold of the London Olympics in the women’s 10m air rifle competition at London’s Royal Artillery Barracks on Saturday

Lets enjoy the Unity the games bring all over.

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