Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pop Queen,Madonna Booed Off Stage In Paris

Madonna might have to take a chill pill as it seems it is taking alot for her to keep her fans satisfied these days. Baring boobs not being exactly a dignified way to do that, but then again we are talking Madonna, dignified is not exactly how she made her super star status.

Like a political virgin: Madonna angered her fans after boring them with political statement and spending just 45 minutes onstage
It was a gig designed to pacify French fans who thought she had made an ill-advised statement about their nation’s politics.
But Madonna ended up booed off stage in Paris on Thursday night after charging up to £200 a head for a concert lasting just 45 minutes.
The pop queen was also attacked for only singing for around 30 minutes - and spending 15 minutes ‘wittering on about politics’.
Maybe the Queen of pop, should  'Take a Bow'
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