Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown Get All Yacht Cosy in San Tropez

Looking for Chris? The singer's yacht was said to be moored next to her ex-boyfriend's out at sea
That's me looking out for a friend of mine lost at sea....Oh, wrong picture, I got a bit confused by the body and sking tone, it is actually Rihanna! lol

Last week it was reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown has enjoyed a 'late night meeting aboard his luxury yacht' and now details of that date have emerged.

The pair are said to have met up with one another two nights in a row but would wait until the early hours of the morning.

According to Look magazine, a crew insider revealed how an excited Rihanna said she couldn't wait to see her 'boyfriend.'
The stars, who split up three years ago, apparently spent time together in St Tropez on the first night.
'Both of their yachts are huge and moored next to each other, out at sea, where they wouldn't be spotted,' the insider told the weekly magazine.

The following night, the You Da One singer apparently took a boat from her yacht to Chris' and was there from around 3am until 6am.
When Chris landed in Nice on July 22, the singer tweeted: Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit.'
A friend told Look magazine that Rihanna was 'jumping up and down' when she realised he was in France, and apparently 'sent three outfits via text so he could pick what she wore.'
After returning from her alleged late-night date with Chris, Rihanna was described as being 'on cloud nine.'

My Thoughts: Okay Chris and Ri-ri, enough with the drama already, you are both two consenting adults! We are tired of the tweet wars and real wars (Drake and Chris brawl) if you bothe still love each other and let go the past follies, we dont mind. But this drama, this whole back and forth....it's getting old! #JustSaying
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