Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rihanna and The French Police 'Keep It Down Ri-Ri'

To think there was a time my tummy looked that amazing! Anyhoo, this piece is not to talk about Riri's great body as that is a long established fact. I am more focused on another one of Riri's established fact, which is her crazy lifestyle.
For a few weeks, just after she lost her grand mother, Rihanna has been living on board her luxury Yacht, which I think is absolutely amazing, but she has also been on a warpath with proper clothes! half naked all the time is the way the 24 year old star would rather be, all the time.
Well, the french are not bothered with that either, what they are concerened with is the fact that her crazy parties are a bit of a 'noise' nuisance.
Having fun: The singer apparently had a bit too much fun when cops pulled up on their jet skis to have a word with the star

Seems she was playing her music too loudly off the coast of St Tropez as cops turned up to have a word with her on their jet skis.
The officers were seen driving up to her luxury boat and having words with her entourage.
But they didn't seem to mind the inconvenience as they then reportedly stepped on board to chat with the superstar and her friends.

Not a bad job: The officers reportedly joined the star on board her luxury vessel after asking her to turn the music down
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