Monday, 16 July 2012

Someone, Anyone Please Tell MADONNA To Grow Up! at 53 Your Boobs...Not So Interesting

Last month Madonna shocked when she exposed her right breast to an audience of over 55,000 people during a performance at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul. And not one to do the same thing twice, on Saturday night the Queen of Pop gave fans at the Stande de France an eyeful when she opted to reveal her left breast instead.
But not only was the 53-year-old up to her old tricks, she also slipped off her trousers and showed her derriere to the audience of over 80,000.
Madonna, you are 53 years old, you have been showing us body parts for decades, give up! The act aint cute anymore!
 Not done yet: On Saturday Madonna flashed an audience of over 80,000 as she took to the stage in France

 more pics of her stupidity after the cut.

'No Fear': The Like A Virgin singer showed the crowd just exactly what kind of state of mind she was in with the inked design on her back
Giving the crowd more: Madonna unbuttoned her trousers as she prepared to expose herself more
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