Friday, 27 July 2012

Suspect rapes 94-year-old woman in South Africa

Some people are so perverted they just have no limits! What on earth would make a right thinking man rape a 94 year old woman? But then again, why do people rape at all? I recall reading somewhere a few years ago about a paedophile caught raping a 2 year old, guess what the sickos defence was? 'she seduced me'  Can someone tell me how a 2 year old girl who can barely walk or talk seduce a grown man?

Below is a sickening crime I read in the Vanguard:
A man who benefited from President Jacob Zuma’s special remissions programme appeared in court on Thursday for allegedly raping a 94-year-old grandmother.
Spokesman of South African Police Service (SAPS), Col. Vincent Mdunge, told newsmen in Johannesburg that the suspect is “a habitual criminal’’.
He said that the suspect appeared at the New Hanover Magistrate Court on Thursday.
“The woman was raped in her KwaSwayimane home in Emabheleni Ward, at 1.00 a.m. on Saturday.
“Police have been looking for him for another case,” Mdunge said.
Mdunge confirmed that the suspect had been one of the 3,150 granted presidential parole, and that police had been searching for him for his part in an armed robbery case before the rape.
KwaZulu-Natal Correctional Services Commissioner, Mnikelwa Nxele, confirmed that the suspect had been released at the start of the presidential remission in June.
Nxele said that the alleged rape was regrettable and sad.
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