Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tony Parker Stuck With Goggles During Olympics,No Thanks To Drake and Chris Brown

Tony Parker, ex-husband of hollywood siren, Eva Langoria is being forced to wear goggles on the basketball court , following injuries sustained at the club brawl between Drake and Chris Brown, both exes of Rihanna.Talk about being caught in the middle of an unpleasant situation!
It seemed initially that would have to miss the Olympics after sustaining an eye injury during the fight, but Tony Parker was back on the basketball court representing France in a warm up game in Paris today.
And he donned a pair of protective goggles to protect his fragile eyes, after he suffered a scratched retina after 'taking punches' and being hit by smashing bottles during the fight in New York last month.
He does look kinda good in them goggles.
Back on the court: Tony Parker played as France were beaten in front of their own supporters by Spain in Paris today
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