Thursday, 5 July 2012

Who Warms The Sun?

My morning ritual, asides the morning devotion and sit ups comprises also of viewing channel 113 on DSTV, this morning while getting dressed for work, the sitcom JUST SHOOT ME was on air, and one of the characters, Nina Vanhorn, actually asked the question ''who warms the sun ?''In the sitcom, it was supposed to be funny and silly, but what she meant was who comforts the comforter? Who confesses the priest? Who acts as shrink to the shrink? Who stands for those who always stand for others? There and then I decided to share this piece.
Our minds can be one tracked sometimes, we have friends or people in our lives who just seem to be such 'rocks' and we take them for granted time and time again, not bothering if they have problems of their own, or if they hurt sometimes as well. It is quite easy to take advantage (not deliberately) of those people who are strong, always seem to have a solution, or a listening ear, a kind word, a shoulder to cry on and always ready to help. Why? Because if not controlled or put in check, people are basically self centred! It might sound like a horrible thing to say, but if you think carefully, you will see that I am right.
I recall a conversation I had a few months ago with a close friend of mine, I was really down and wanted to talk to someone, I called and as soon as the pleasantries ended, she berated me with her own problems, I had to stop her at some point, and my words were these:
"sweety, if I wanted to hear your problems, I wouldn't call you"

She actually started laughing and said, "Dee, we are so used to you being the one with all the answers, that we just never seem to think you have problems" then she actually compared me to a priest or a shrink, who people tell their problems, and try to act like they do not have any of their own, because it demystifies them and they become like everyone else!
She jokingly concluded it by saying
"If you breakdown on us with your problems, who are we supposed to bug with ours"
I had to laugh at this point, partly because it was funny the way she said it, but mainly my ego was boosted, I felt like "SUPER DEE" like one of my directors would call me, when impressed with my work, which was quite often (wink).
But seriously, WHO WARMS THE SUN? And I do not mean literarily, because some people just have a way of putting weird comments, very exasperating!
At the end of the day, literarily or figuratively it comes to one and only God Almighty!
I cry a lot, when I am overwhelmed it is my easiest form of expression, I cry when I am happy, I cry when I am sad, it's just who I am, but strangely i never breakdown in front of people, i always like being in control of my emotions. Some people drink, some smoke, some eat, me I am like that movie by Julia Roberts EAT, PRAY and LOVE only for me it's more like CRY,PRAY and LOVE. So when next family and friends go assuming you are superman/woman you have two choices:
Let them know you are not, though you would love to help.
Let them know that you hurt sometimes too, because sometimes we act so strong and they see us as strong.

"My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.....God is not so wary as we, else He would give us no friends, lest we forget Him."- Emily Dickinson

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