Thursday, 2 August 2012

Adult Store 'Ann Summers' Releases 10,000 Pounds, 24-karat Gold Vibrator!

 In demand: There's a waiting list for the product called the Lelo Inez

Ok, you guys know I am a bit of a prude when it comes to certain topics, but while sitting at the bank trying to complete a transaction, I went on twitter and saw this. Of course I had to share, yeah I am generous like that.Lol

The adult store have released a new sex toy made from 24-karat gold. But you might need the salary of an elite athlete in order to afford one as it comes with a price tag of £10,000.
The vibrator, called the Lelo Inez, was on display at Ann Summer's Westfield Stratford store by the Olympic Park today. Soldiers drafted in to work at the London Games were amongst those curious to get a look at the sex toy which was being as closely guarded as an Olympic gold medal thanks to its high value.
The amazing part of this story, there is already a waiting list for it!

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