Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Anorexic Identical Twins Die In House Fire

Anorexic twinsClare Wallmeyer and Rachel Wallmeyer
A pair of identical twins, who became famous through their desperate battle with anorexia, have died in a house fire. 
Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer, 42, were killed after a fire broke out in their home in Geelong, near Melbourne, one perishing in the flames, the other succumbing to her severe burns on the way to hospital.
It was a tragic end to two turbulent lives, for the sisters had appeared on Australian TV several times to talk about the anorexia which had turned both into virtual living skeletons and a problem pair for their parents, social workers and the police.
In a poignant review of their lives they said in recent years that they had never been in love, never had a job and they believed that it was only a matter of time before they died – and they would die together.
Their deaths in the fire are believed to have been accidental, according to detectives from the Geelong Crime Investigation Unit who said that initial checks did not reveal any suspicious activity.
Yet there had been reports over the years of the women each trying to kill one another.

Tragic: Identical twins Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer, 42, died when fire swept through their home in Geelong, near Melbourne
Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer

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