Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Still Going Strong 4years On

Love is in the air: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi looked as enamoured as ever on a date to Mr Chow in Los Angeles last night

I am not going to to try and act all trendy like I support being gay, cos I dont as a Christian /
Merely looking at both sexes, you will realise that we are meant to complement each other.Which also explains why same sex can not reproduce. We need men and they need us.
 I am also not  one of those who seem to hate Homosexuals like my friend YIMITON, who even refuses to watch Ellen's show and would swear that Ellen is not funny. yeye girl
I am a fan of Ellen's show, I think she is a great entertainer and Portia is a gorgeous woman!
They were both spotted in LA yesterday
Ellen wore black skinny trousers teamed with mole lace-up flats, and a black v-neck top.
She completed her look with a black bomber jacket, and wore minimal make-up for the low-key outing.
Portia was elegant in black skinny jeans, stiletto heels, and a black v-neck which looked remarkably similar to Ellen's.
As much as I like them as individuals, I can not help but wish they were not gay. Heard their fourth anniversary as a married couple is in two weeks.  And they started celebrating a little early as they went to Italy to visit Ellen's grandparents.
Heard Portia is about to start filming a new ABC television series The Smart One.
The show is about a brilliant and successful woman who begrudgingly goes to work for her less-brainy but more popular sister - a former beauty queen, weather girl and now big city mayor.
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