Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Looking Like Kim K. Will Cost You $65,000 on Beauty Treatments Alone!

We all think Kim Kardashian looks hot and incredibly beautiful right? Though at 5'2 I'd say she could do with a bit more height #JustSaying.
Anyway, if you are one of those people who think she wakes up every morning looking like this, well, she doesn't! 
She spends a whooping $65,000 yearly on beauty treatments alone to look this great. I spend next to nothing, so I have to give myself a pat on the back. I fine jare!

See how she spends all that money after the cut


Fortnightly £800 facials at Beverly Hills salon Bailey's as well as a monthly 24-carat gold UMO facial and twice weekly anti-ageing glycolic face peels.
Kim is a huge fan of permanent eyelash extensions and has a weekly appointment to fix any strays and keep them topped up.
Regular blasts of Fraxel cosmetic laser treatment, costing up to £2000 a time keep her complexion peachy


Twice monthly spa days at the five star Four Seasons hotel keep Kim's body in top condition. Her favourite treatments include £110 body scrubs made with tequila, tangerine and sunflower oil.
She has admitted to having laser cellulite removal on various parts of her body.
Two detoxifying mud wraps per month keep her skin flawless.
Kim spends a hour a day on either a massage, skin and nail treatments. A nail session at Bevery Hills Nail Design sets her back £95 a time.


The brunette goes to celebrity stylist Philip Wolff at the Shades salon in Beverly Hills for £500 styling sessions to keep her sew-in weft extensions in tip top condition.
Kim also treats them at home with an hour long treatment.


The size 10 star works out every day with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson who says:
‘Kim is an incredibly hard worker. She comes right from the airport to the gym and is no stranger to 6am workouts.’


As well as the 'sex diet' that she credits with help her losing seven pounds in seven days recently, Kim cuts out gluten, dairy and sugar from her diet and has all her food delivered in special freezer bags ready to refrigerate.

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