Monday, 27 August 2012

Kim K Donates Almost 100 Pairs Of Shoes To Charity, as BF, Kanye Refers To Them As 'Ghetto'

Family heirloom: Kim admitted she was keeping a fur lined Louis Vuitton bag for a 'future daughter', but Kanye was unimpressed

Kim Kardashian donated nearly 100 pairs of designer shoes to charity, with a colour to match any outfit after her BF, Kanye West dismissed her huge closet as 'ghetto'.
The rapper went through Kim's huge collection of shoes, and clothes, with a stylist in scenes broadcast on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
A part of me thinks it is sweet he wants her to have a makeover (though I think Kim is doing a good job already), another part of me thinks Kanye is a tad picky wanting her to always wear what he picks. warning signals is all I hear Kim, enjoy the fun, but what else will you be changing for him soon?
'Ghetto' shoes: Kim Kardashian cleared out her closet as Kanye West gave her a style makeover, deciding that his girlfriend's taste wasn't up to scratch
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