Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Minister of Power Had to Resign as a Result of Conflict of Interest

Shortly after posting the last report on this news, I came across another news saying the former minister had vested interest in one of the companies bidding for the Enugu Power plant, in all honesty if that is not an example of Conflict of Interest, then I do not know what is. I guess it makes sense now knowing why the president demanded his resignation.

The former Power Minister was summoned by President Jonathan, over allegation that he (Nnaji) was fronting for him in the Privatisation exercise in the energy sector.
The rattled minister, sources said, was surprised by the president’s question and reportedly denied the charge.
The president, the source went on, delivered the final blow when he queried the former minister’s interest in one of the firms involved in the privatisation process. Prof. Nnaji told the president that he had disclosed to the National Council on Privatisation, that he used to have interest in one  of the firms bidding to buy the Afam Power plant in Enugu.
An outraged President Jonathan, the source said, told the minister that he ought to have known that there would be conflict of interest in the exercise.
After venting his anger at the minister, Nnaji threw in the towel by offering to step down as minister.
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