Monday, 27 August 2012

Policemen, Marksmen all In Search of The Lion On The Loose In Essex

The Lion sightings: The big cat was seen in fields near Clacton-on-Sea (file photo)

This actually reminds me of the Val Kilmer movie years ago, The ghost and the darkness and it is a scary thought!
I know how freaked out I get when I see a dog that is not mine on the loose barking, imagine what it would be like taking a walk and bumping into a lion! Well, that's the fear the residents of Essex have to deal with till this lion is found, which we hope is soon.

Mailonline has this to say:
Residents of a village where a lion is believed to be on the loose have today spoken of their fear after police launched a huge search for the beast.
Armed police and helicopters are searching for the big cat after it was spotted in fields near Clacton, Essex.
Two force helicopters and around 30 police officers were scrambled after locals reported the sighting. One witness described onlookers screaming as they came face to face with the predator.
Others sitting in nearby homes told how they heard it roar as it prowled the area. Rich Baker, 39, was walking with his two boys, aged nine and 11 when the drama unfolded.

Beware: Village green at St Osyth (pictured) near to where the beast is believed to have been spotted
Calm Essex Residence Cooped indoors
He said: 'A man started running towards us yelling "It’s a f****** lion!" He looked so panicked you knew it was not a joke. The lion you could see it from the side.’
The van driver, from Romford, Essex, continued: 'I grabbed my children’s hands and we ran towards our caravan. My children started to scream, “daddy, is the lion going to get us?”
'It was one million per cent a lion. It was a tan colour with a big mane, it was fully grown, it was definitely a lion. It was just standing there, it seemed to be enjoying itself.
'There were a dozen or so people who saw it. We are staying on the caravan park down the road. It’s very busy – it’s a seaside resort and a bank holiday.’
Che Kevlin, 40, who lives nearby the scene of the drama, described hearing the lion roar.
He said: 'I was sitting with my wife in the front room playing backgammon at around 10pm when I heard this very loud roar.
'I asked my wife if she’d heard something, it was so odd. I went upstairs to check on my 11-year-old son, but he was fast asleep.
'It was incredibly odd to hear something like that at that time of night.
'We had been for a walk earlier in the day and heard a police helicopter but didn’t realise they were looking for a lion.
'We were trying to work out what the roar was. It was not until my brother texted me 20 minutes later and said there’s a lion on the loose in your area that we realised what exactly it was.
'My guess is that it was in the fields or woods behind our house.
'It was very, very loud. I’ve only heard what a lion sounds like on TV wildlife programmes, but it was definitely that.’

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