Monday, 13 August 2012

Power generation in Nigeria to hit highest ever po...

Power generation in Nigeria will hit highest ever power output of 4, 237MW tomorrow Monday 13th August 2012, according to the Minister of Power, Prof. Bart Nnaji. He said 4, 237MW is the highest power output ever generated and supplied in Nigeria to date and the power improvement will be maintained to meet international standards. According to him, the worst days are over! Resounding AMEN!
The above info i saw this morning on  Linda Ikeji's Blog.
Usually I am one of those people who feel so disappointed in Nigeria, that I am tempted to scoff at this and say yeah yeah, we have heard this crap before. Or say stuff like we should be ashamed of ourselves still talking about electricity like it is rocket science. But the truth is, I am tired and frustrated by Naija that i have resolved to be optimistic. So when they say there will be light, I say Amen.
Good Education, road, water, great transportation means to all that I say Amen.
Cos the truth is, losing hope or faith in the country has not yielded much for us, we might as well let hour hope and resillience get us through each day.
So, Prof. Bart Nnaji I believe you , and we say Amen to that.
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