Friday, 24 August 2012

Prezzo Still Trying to Win Back Goldie

Usually after Big Brother I totally stop talking about the housemates, but this Prezzo and Goldie gist is abit fascinating, so let me join. Suffice it to say I am loving the way Goldie is ignoring him in her territory.
You go girl!
The last has definitely not been heard about the Prezzo-Goldie love affair that kept viewers entertained during their stay in the recently concluded Big Brother Reality TV Show.
This is because Prezzo, who emerged the first runner-up in the competition, is in Nigeria to win back the hand of his love interest, Goldie. The 32-year -old Kenyan rap artiste made his intention known at a press conference held on Wednesday at The Place, Ikeja, Lagos.
Garbed in a flowing cream-coloured Agbada, a remorseful Prezzo said he travelled all the way from his native country to apologise and propose to Goldie, if she gives him an opportunity.
He said, “I went into the house with the mind to make my country proud and make the money. But along the line, I developed feelings for Goldie and I still do up till now as I speak. We have not spoken together as I speak. So, I am here to get a hold of her and apologise. Ever since the show ended, I have not been the same as I have been thinking about her (Goldie). I just want her to give me just 30 minutes and pray she answers my call, because I feel everything happens for a reason. There were a couple of ladies in the house, but my mind chose her. Goldie and I are on the same path that is why we flowed together.”
Prezzo also claimed that all through his stay in the house, his intentions towards Goldie was not hidden. According to him, he had informed Big Brother of his affections, hence his visit to Nigeria is not a ploy to build a fan base here.
“I was not playing games with Goldie. The most important thing as far as I am concerned is what happens outside the house when the cameras are off and not inside the house is what matters. I am here just for Goldie and not to build a fan base in Nigeria. I want Goldie to give this Maasai Warrior one more chance. Honestly, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Once Goldie picks her call we can pick it up from there because I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I know it is not easy to convince Goldie but I love her and I know the feeling is mutual.”
Full gist in the Punch
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