Tuesday, 14 August 2012

When Life Screws You Over....

I am certain at one point or the other everyone has felt this way, some more so than others. I have been thinking lately about life and how we sometimes act like we have no control of what happens to us when it is negative, we are quick to blame destiny, fate, bad luck, colleagues, friends or even your the dark scrawny old woman you saw sitting by the fire side in your village many years ago! Yeah, that's how ridiculous it get sometimes.
When it goes well though, we just say a casual thank God (if we even bother) then go ahead to rant and rave to every and anyone who cares to listen how we put in so much effort.
When we get a promotion, a new car, a job, a family we are quick to go into details of the efforts we made to attain that success. So why is it so hard to admit that sometimes, maybe...just maybe we are to blame for the things that are also not right in our lives?
I have been thinking a lot, okay maybe not a lot to be honest...more like wondering, why is it so hard to follow through on those wonderful ideas that we know could get us where we want to be?
'New Day, Same God'-I love the reality of this saying, actually saw it on my older sister's BB status and it felt comforting. Like I always tell anyone who cares to listen, my favorite thing about being a Christian is the assurance I get from knowing that no matter how many times I fall or even fail, there is a deeper reassurance that God is constantly present and "this too shall pass"
So on very rare occassions, I get the blues, feel down and indulge in a little self pity and then quickly remember that I can make some changes in my life, I can control certain factors not just leave everything to fate.
Decision: Instead of leaving everything in the hands of FATE, I would rather work in FAITH towards achieving my goals ,cos then at least I get to play a part in how my future takes shape.
Been a while since I did my Rant n Rave, hope this made some sense.
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