Thursday, 6 September 2012

4 years Old Girl found ALIVE after 8 Hours Under Bodies of 'British' Family Gunned Down in Car at French Alps


This is one of those really scary, weird and unusual type of news that gets your stomach twisted in a knot and you try to ask yourself if this is a happy/sad or mixed feelings kinda news.
A four year old girl was found trapped between the bodies of her family members eight hours after they were gunned down!

A four-year-old girl has been found alive and unharmed hiding under the bodies of her mother, father and grandmother who were massacred in a car at a French alpine beauty spot.
Police failed to spot the terrified youngster in the British-registered BMW car until midnight - eight hours after the shooting took place. 
A French source said she was found hiding underneath her mother's legs. The two other bodies are believed to be those of her father and grandmother. It is uncertain if she crawled under the mum's skirt in fear after her death or if the mum fell on her.

  • Police failed to discover the terrified youngster until midnight.Her older sister, 8, is fighting for her life in hospital under police guard
  • Three of the corpses were in a car parked in a forest lay-by in hills next to Lake Annecy
  • They were staying at same campsite as another British family who reported their disappearance

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