Monday, 3 September 2012

Are LASTMA Official any Better That Touts?

LASTMA Manhandling a Commercial Driver

As I look at this picture someone sent to my phone a few minutes ago, I ask myself this question, Are LASTMA official in anyway better that the Agberos we have at the park? Asides making them wear Uniforms, I really see no difference. They are Uncouth, have no formal training and most have no idea what the traffic laws are! So how can they help when they have no clue what to do?
And please someone clarify this, are the traffioc lights not meant for Okada as well? Or the LASTMA guys can not jump in front of Aboki's Okada?
I really do not care what offence anyone commits, you DO NOT jump into [eople's cars and start fighting them, worse case scenario you take their car details and fine them or trace them and confiscate the vehicle if they prove stubborn.
I  wonder why I am even giving myself a headache after a hard day's work. Its not like the LASTMA guys are reading my blog. Lol
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