Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dana Air Licence Suspension Gone With The Wind

Dana Airline's licence which was suspended due to the crash 3 months ago that led to the death of over a hundred and fifty persons on board has been lifted by the Federal Government.

In a statement sent yesterday, the Special Assistant on media to the Minister of Aviation said the federal government's decision to do so was based on a satisfactory inspection of the company's airworthiness.

Okay, we all know accidents happen, but I would like to know who certified them airworthy? is it a reputable company that can stake it's success on this claim?
The families of the deceased (God rest their souls) have they been paid their insurance entitlement?
Cos whether we agree or not, give or take a few weeks of commencing operations, people will fly them. It happened when Bellview had the crash, few days later if I recall we were back up doing the flights.
With Air Nigeria out of the picture, people are running out of options. I am beginnig to think getting my butt ready for long road trips might be the way forward, what do you think?
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